Valemount is the ideal mid-way stop between Vancouver and Edmonton, and it's also a great jumping off point for a day trip to the famous World Heritage Site of Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Driving Distances from Valemount
Mount Robson BC 40 km
Jasper AB 120 km
Edmonton AB 495 km
Calgary AB 533 km
Kamloops BC 320 km
Prince George BC 300 km
Vancouver BC 676 km

Travel south from Tete Jaune Cache (19km) to the junction of HWY 5 and Valemount's 5th avenue. The entrance to town is marked by a lovely log arch.

Continue down 5th ave. for approx. 1 km and to your left (just before the railway tracks) you will see the Caribou Grill Restaurant. Our parking area is marked by the stone Inukshuk (pictured above), which was used as a navigational beacon by travellers and caribou hunters of the barren Canadian tundra.

Coincidentally Canada's Nunavat, like the Caribou Grill, was created in 1999 and the Inukshuk was the chosen symbol for this newly created territory.

In addition, the Inukshuk was the symbol for the 2010 Winter Olympics as it also symbolizes teamwork, friendship, trust and our dependence on each other as navigational guides through live's journey.

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